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Product by the Austin Community

Our biggest goal at ProductTank Austin is to engage the local community, encourage the sharing of knowledge and best practices within our community, and building a tight-knit network of product professionals. We have frequent events and Happy Hours!

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TALKS and Presentations BY AUSTINITES

We believe we have amazing talent here in Austin, and we want you to shine! The majority of our talks are by austinites and we intently give an opportunities for Product people in Austin to give talks in their field of knowledge. Apply to give a presentation at one of our meetings!

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knowledge sharing on our online communities

Slack is awesome, and we have two Slack communities that you can be part of. The first is an Austin-centric slack community and the second is the Mind the Product Slack community with product professionals around the world.

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CONNECTIONS to product experts around the world

ProductTank Austin has connections to dozens of ProductTanks around the world. Our Network is vast and we encourage engagement between ProductTank chapters. ProductTank also hosts the “Mind the Product” conferences in several locations around the globe.

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One of the best ways to learn about Product Management is from peers, and for product people to socialise with like-minded people.

MindTheProduct is an international product community. Started in 2010 with the very first ProductTank meetup in London and followed by the Mind the Product Conference in 2012 it has now grown to consist of over 50,000 members and sold out events in 100+ cities around the world.

We're proud to be the Austin Chapter of ProductTank!

As the Austin chapter, our goal is to foster a product community of experts who share knowledge, build deep community and help Austin turn itself into a preeminent product-oriented town.

We believe product management has evolved significantly over the last several years. Gone are the days of the weighty tomes we called product requirements documents. Gone are the days of project managing releases. Gone are the days of defining products in an ivory tower and then throwing it across the wall to the engineering team to deliver. Today product management is much more than a job title – it’s a discipline, and to some, a calling. Today we work iteratively, in agile stories and simple cards, because the collaboration this forces with everyone involved in the product leads to better solutions and better designs.

Today we ship product continuously and while there may occasionally be press releases involved most of the time it’s done to little fanfare other than the appreciation of our customers.

Today we are one team, delivering product together.

In this discipline you may be an engineer, a designer, a founder or a product manager – all that matters is that you are at the core of the product and passionately work towards the betterment of that product.

This may require fewer people called product managers in a company, but it puts ever more emphasis on the importance of the craft of product management. On learning, sharing and working with others inside and outside our companies in the development of that craft.

This is why Mind the Product and ProductTank exist – to further the craft of product management by bringing together product people of all stripes. Join us, it’s one hell of a ride.


Product with Love in Austin, Tx

Mark Stephan

Product Manager/Entrepreneur
Mark has worked at companies ranging form trilogy to Handsome, started his own software consulting company and built his own products.

Heather Le

Product Manager RetailMeNot

Andre Piazza

Director of Product Marketing at iGrafx
Andre Piazza is a Product / Marketing leader in tech. He believes in building intelligent products, creating memorable customer experiences, and translating these perceptions into increased profits and lasting relationships.

Alex McCarthy

VP of Product Veteran, Career Coach

Djordje Jankovic

Product Manager

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