May 20, 2017

Applying to Give a Presentation


One of the of the most important things we do at ProducTank: Austin is to get the community engaged in giving talks and presentations, sometimes demos, on their experiences in product, what they learned, best practices, and sometimes disasters, horror stories and problems they are encountering.

To this end, we want you to share your knowledge and sign-up to give a talk!


  1. Review our topic brainstorming sheet of product ideas to help you think of a great subject to talk about
  2. Decide the experience level of the audience. We want to keep things balanced and make an effort to have a diversity of talks for each event.
    • For Beginners – We want talks like these for people who are considering to transition to be PMs
    • For Novices – These talks are for those who are PMs, but want to grow their skill-set
    • For Experts – These talks are for those who are up to their neck in the details
  3. Decide on your Topic idea and title
  4. Figure out how you’re going to fit it in to be 10-15 min long MAX.
  5. Submit your idea through our Google Form
  6. We will evaluate the idea, and contact you to discuss it.
  7. We might also request for you to work on some slides (We will definitely want these well-before the event.)
  8. We will work with you to schedule your presentation (Be aware it might be many months out).