May 20, 2017


ProductTank: Austin Slack Community

Sometimes you just need to ask a question or debate a solution. Sometimes you want a second opinion on something you’re building. Sometimes you just want to vent and get commiserations from fellow product managers.

We’re excited to be offering our very own Slack community for product enthusiasts in Austin, Tx. We believe LOCAL is important! And we’re asking you to join our local Slack community and share your knowledge daily with other Austin product leaders.

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Mind the Product Slack Community

Sometimes, you want a global perspective, whether from Silicon Valley to Western Europe, New York City to Phuket, Thailand, we have product enthusiasts all over the world sharing their wealth of experience and knowledge.

The Mind the Product Slack channel is an amazing tool for all of this and more – and we have thousands of product managers actively engaged every day. Join us on #area-austin!

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