May 20, 2017


Become a Sponsor for ProductTank: Austin

Do you want to support a healthy product ecosystem in Austin, Tx? Do you want to reach a Product-focused audience? Are you looking for your next Product Manager and want to let everyone know about it?

There are lots of reasons to sponsor an event, the biggest is because you’re awesome.

We don’t make money off of our Sponsors. Rather, sponsors help supply venues, sometimes their own, and help our meet-up deal with the costs of paid-venues, food, drinks and other costs that just are a fact of trying to run a healthy meet-up in Austin.

We’re looking for:

  • Venues
  • Food Sponsors
  • Drink Sponsors (Alcoholic and Non)
  • Happy Hour Sponsors
  • In full or in part sponsors

What you can get:

  • Our eternal gratitude.
  • Some time during our meetings to talk about yourself and company.
  • A table or place to have your materials, or permission to pass out materials at our meet-ups.
  • Your logo on our website as a sponsor.
  • Your logo on our meet-up page as a sponsor.
  • Tweeting and promoting you on our platforms.
  • And anything else you want that we can make happen, just ask!


We are not a non-profit, but we’re definitely not for profit. We’ll work with you to figure out how to deal with payments, costs etc… We can pay and get reimbursed (for smaller events), or you can pay the bills directly.

If you’re interested in being a one-time or regular sponsor, let us know by emailing us!